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Brand Assets


Color Variations and Background Conditions

1. Gradient Logo:

  • Use: This version of the logo should only be used on a pure white background.

  • Purpose: The gradient logo is designed to stand out specifically against a stark white backdrop without any visual interference.

2. Black Logo:

  • Use: This version should be applied on all light-colored backgrounds, except pure white.

  • Purpose: The black logo provides maximum contrast on lighter backgrounds, ensuring clear visibility without blending into the background.


3. White Logo:

  • Use: This version is reserved for use on dark backgrounds.

  • Purpose: The white logo offers optimal clarity and visibility against dark and vibrant tones, ensuring the logo’s presence is pronounced.

Orientation and Layout

  • Preferred Orientation: The logo mark and the brand name should ideally be used together in a vertical alignment. This alignment is preferred to maintain brand consistency and recognition.

  • Horizontal Usage: If spatial constraints or design layout necessitates a horizontal orientation, it may be utilized following the same color usage rules mentioned above.

Logo Integrity and Spacing

  • Unalterable Elements: Neither the logo mark nor the brand name should be altered in any way. The original design, proportions, and colors provided must be maintained in all uses.

  • Spacing Requirements: The spacing between the logo mark and the brand name, as well as the surrounding space, must remain consistent as originally designed. This ensures the logo’s visual impact is not compromised.

General Prohibitions

  • No Editing: Under no circumstances should the logo be edited, recolored, or reconfigured beyond the approved versions and orientations provided.

  • Maintain Integrity: It is crucial that the logo's integrity is upheld in all applications to ensure consistent brand identity.

These guidelines ensure that the logo is used consistently and correctly across all platforms and materials. It is vital that all team members and external partners are familiar with and adhere to these rules to uphold the brand’s visual identity.

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38, 209, 123
7479 C
98, 28, 0, 65
2, 64, 89
302 C


Always type "Trickle" in the same font size and style as the content of the text

Capitalize the word "Trickle", except if it's part of an url​

Pluralize the trademark (eg. Trickles)

Use the logo instead of the word

Capitalize all letters (eg. TRICKLE)

Writing "Trickle"



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