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How to schedule a meeting with the "Connect" feature?

To optimize your use of the Connect feature, ensure your account is set up correctly:


1. Sign In and Navigate Settings

  • Log into your Trickle account and access the settings via the hamburger menu on the upper left of the home screen.

2. Manage Contacts

  • Use the 'Contacts' option to import contacts from your phone, ensuring each one includes an email address for scheduling purposes.

  • Edit imported contacts to add missing information or manually add new contacts by filling in their name and email address.

  • Decide if you want to share your availability with each contact using the toggle option, which can be adjusted later if necessary.

3. Configure Calendars

  • Under 'Settings', select 'Calendar account' to integrate calendars from services like Outlook, iCloud, or Gmail.

  • Set your default calendar for scheduling and manage synchronization settings, especially if using a paid plan, to have Trickle events appear in all connected calendars.


4. Access the Connect feature

  • Locate and click the 'Connect' button in the toolbar on the Trickle dashboard. This is your central hub for initiating all types of meetings or events.

5. Explore Scheduling Options

  • The 'Connect' menu displays various options including "Meet Now", "Gather Around", "Join a Gathering" and "Create New Event", each with a descriptive icon.

  • Select the appropriate scheduling function based on your needs, such as quickly setting up a meeting or planning an event.

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