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Pre-seed funding for a fast market  expansion

You might have already noticed the "Flanders Investment & Trade" and "VLAIO" logo's in the footer of our website. That's because trickle was provided with funding from the Flemish (Yes, we're Belgian!) government to get up and running and to do further research on the viability of our product and target market.

With that funding we've proven that there is still a large problem left unsolved in a *huge* (how about 13.7 billon dollars huge!) international market, that current solutions are inadequate and that there is large customer intrest in trickle as a product.

So far, with the help of a business angel and the aforementioned government agencies, trickle has received 150.000 euro in funding. So we've been able to build all this, with just a relatively small (compared to competitors anyway) amount of funding. Oh yes, we're quite efficient too...

But, in order for us to keep innovating and bringing more and better features to our customers,
trickle is looking for additional funding.

To fuel our growth and to take over the market, trickle is currently looking for 1 million EUR in pre-seed funding.

But there's more! Soon, trickle wil be partnering with Spreds and the Flemish Government so that every funding note* invested grants the investor 45% of the value of the note as a deductible tax return. That's 45 cents to each euro invested!

Since we're talking equity funding, your funding notes are directly equivalent to a number of shares in the company! We're not at liberty to give you all the details just yet but if you fill out the form below, we'd happily give you all the details we have!

We're really looking forward to hearing from you!

The Trickle team 

* Terms and conditions apply. Tax deductible only valid if the investor is a private person and subject to Flemish taxes.


Considering investing?

If you'd like to consider making an investment in trickle (crowdfunding or other), and you'd like to get a better idea of what we're about, feel free to fill in the form below to get access to our whole new pitch deck!*

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